Company’s Product Concept and Positioning

Gol!’s products are conceived and designed as performance beverages, offering a unique balance of hydration, nutrition and invigoration.  Gol! beverages are positioned as a special category among other beverage market leaders (for example, Gatorade, Monster and Vitamin Water) to address a rapidly growing portion of the beverage market. Gol!’s customers are active adults, aged between 16 and 35, young families and soccer aficionados of all ages.

Gol!’s proprietary formula produces a unique and enjoyable balance of hydration, nutrition and invigoration. Products are formulated responsibly with half the calories, sugar, and caffeine of the leading energy drinks with more electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants than category leading sports hydration drinks. Products will be available in sugar-free and non-stimulant versions. Gol!’s formulations use only GRAS (generally regarded as safe) ingredients approved by the FDA and are not required to meet special FDA requirements regarding supplements. Using Hispanic super foods such as nopal and yerba mate, Gol! incorporates popular indigenous ingredients used by the Latino/Hispanic culture for generations.

Gol!’s 2014 Product Offering and Release Dates

Gol!’s Hydrating Power Fuel™ (HPF) was released in January 2014 in a tasty mango flavor, lightly carbonated for refreshing mouth feel. Gol!’s new Watermelon/Strawberry HPF flavor will be released in late Spring 2014. Gol!’s Fitness Formula™, a non-carbonated version of its proprietary formulation, is expected to be available in Pomegranate and Blueberry flavors in late 2014 and early 2015.

Gol!’s Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Performance Drinks – Hydrating Power Fuel™ and Fitness Formula™

For active adults, Gol! Hydrating Power Fuel™ is a 16oz carbonated ready-to-drink beverage designed to maintain proper hydration before or after athletic activity, while providing carefully measured invigoration and focus properties for performance and endurance. It is packaged in an aluminum can. Gol! Fitness Formulation™ directly targets athletes engaged in formal or informal athletic competition. Typically athletes prefer the use of a non-carbonated product to avoid the gas build-up which one may encounter with a carbonated beverage. Fitness will be offered in a resealable 16.9oz plastic bottle.

Bulk Powder Concentrate (Agua Fresca) – NutraMix™

Gol!’s NutraMix™  has been designed as a family appropriate beverage to quench the thirst of pre-teen to teenaged athletes and everyday drinkers of deliciously flavored, vitamin, electrolyte, and antioxidant enriched beverages. NutraMix™ parallels the same ingredient profile and theme of the Gol!’s RTD products, but without the stimulants. As a bulk mix, it is very economical and can be made in varying concentrations according to taste.

Single Serving Packet — KickStix™

To accommodate the athlete on the go, Gol! Hydrating Power Fuel™ offers single serve “KickStix™” for convenience and portability. “KickStix™” are designed to be purchased as single servings from a point of sale display or a 12 pack from its respective aisle in a grocery or convenience store. Single serve packets of Gol! will be made available in both energized and non-energized formulations.